Planet of AWE Launch!

Posted on 06/14/16


Planet of AWE is proud to officially launch! The tremendous work of volunteers throughout the country has led to this day. Planet of AWE is a young and extremely ambitious nonprofit, 501(c)3, environmental stewardship organization. We are ferociously dedicated to helping people improve and enjoy this beautiful planet through the strength of community.

The “AWE” in Planet of AWE is representing the awe-inspiring effect the natural environment can have on all of us. As so eloquently stated by the founder of Patagonia himself, Yvon Chouinard, “We derive our sense of awe from our ability to feel nature’s force.” This is describing that rush we get when an amazing sunset crashes into the ocean or that sense of smallness we feel when looking up at the stars. “AWE” is also an acronym for Air, Water, and Earth; the three most basic elements of our environment that we are striving to help people protect and enjoy. Our mission to not only improve, but to also enjoy our environment is based on our belief that it is the appreciation of nature that inspires us to act.

We have witnessed the remarkable power of community and the force multiplier effect it can have on making a positive environmental impact. This is the cornerstone of which Planet of AWE was built upon. After finally reaching a point of frustration that could no longer be ignored, our organization’s founders attempted to remove trash from a local riverbed in San Antonio, TX themselves. With a few bags of trash removed over the course of several days, they posted a few flyers to see if others would join the effort. On the day of the clean-up several friends, co-workers, and strangers showed up in the rain and removed 263lbs of trash in just 75 minutes.

One individual can undoubtedly make an impact, but we want to inspire and empower those individuals to tap into their local communities and maximize their efforts. We want to help empower teams, churches, groups, co- workers, neighbors, and schools with the right tools, people, and knowledge to facilitate stewardship projects or local adventures.

We serve the community and exist to enable individuals to lead environmental stewardship or appreciation events, projects, and programs. We have organized our stewardship objectives into five program areas that are focused on removing trash from our natural areas, planting more trees, living more sustainably, eating local, and traveling smarter.

We hope you find AWE as a resource and friend as you strive to improve and enjoy your local communities.


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